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I have had several readings through text, The instant reading that's provided, by Alexis. She has always been spot on, her accuracy is incredible. She is a true delight and is truly gifted! I would recommend her to anyone.



Excellent - very very accurate on details - excellent advice - this is my second reading with Alexis- highly highly recommended. She won't disappoint.
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Great reading

1 week ago lilylucy
Awesome thank u

7/20/2017 sunspot
Right on target with my situation, as always! Thank you!

6/25/2017 Member885267

Absolutely amazing!!!
6/25/2017 Vrose

You are so accurate and pick up the people I was inquiring about so good!! Thank you!!
6/23/2017 Vrose

Sorry ran out of funds! You hit the hammer on the nail about him and our situation!! Great reading! Thank you for the advice as well!!
6/23/2017 coconita

wow she gave me some positive feeback a job by the end of July and a man august or sept..woohoo i will let you know the outcome thanks.
6/22/2017 Lady Raine

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your insights. God bless!
6/19/2017 sunspot

Always wonderful! Quick, detailed, positive, empowering, and so compassionate. Thank you!
6/11/2017 alltheglory3236

I definitely prefer talking to her than chatting. chat was fine answered real quick but I miss the energy of speaking to Alexis. As with last predictions I'm praying these does come to fruition.


Wow, I am blown away. I have in the past 2 yrs spoken to almost every psychic on keen. Alexis is amazing. Clear, direct, honest, no tools. Very descriptive. It was not only how detailed she was but her energy and empathy. Noone will be disappointed, she changed my whole energy. I as much looking forward to all of my amazing predictions by July (amazing relstionship) and being debt free, Thank you for giving me insight and not wasting my moneyes. A million Thank you
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